Danielle Caldwell Events Overview - Portland, Oregon

Happy Holidays! What a great year it has been. Although I dreamed up this company years ago and started creating it back in 2016, this is truly the first year of real business, and it has been awesome! Over the past twelve months we have put on a gorgeous wedding at Leftbank Annex; designed, planned, and executed two different holiday parties for a corporate client; and coordinated three photo shoots, one of which was featured by Wedding Chicks on New Years Day!

This upcoming year we have several events already scheduled and almost completely booked. Not bad for year two! Our schedule includes weddings at the Hilton, Portland Art Museum, and Castaway, as well as a corporate holiday party planned at The Nines Hotel and Oregon Convention Center. Right now we are working on two photoshoots for next month, and the Venue Crawl forThe Art of Weddings PDX. We also have another shoot in the works at a brand new space, The Eleanor! All include some of my favorite vendors - LOVE collaboration!

Where are we headed? I have been meeting with multiple vendors on a weekly basis in order to expand our list of preferred talent, allowing us to provide our clients with multiple options based on their vision, budget and style. We have also been placed on the preferred list at several venues within the area. In addition, the roles within the company have also changed. Kelsey has stepped away from social media and has become my right hand assistant with design and operations. Our newest member, Jefferson, has taken our social media by storm. He is working with me to bring you more information on Instagram, our blog, and Pinterest.

Overall this year has been something to truly be proud of. I have learned how to balance raising two amazing kids (1.5 years and 3.5 years) while building this dream. Somedays are easier than others, but seeing our clients thrilled at our services, their visions come to life, and the dream come to reality all while being home with the kids has been worth all the hard work.

Before we head into this the New Year I want to take a moment to thank my husband, kids, family (especially my mom), clients, staff, vendor community, and friends for your support. Without my “village” I could not continue doing what I love.

Here’s to an amazing 2019!

Happy New Year!


Photo: Wayfarer Studio