Top 4 Tips for Your Wedding Day

You’ve waited your entire life to find that perfect person that completes you, and it happens! They pop the question, you say yes, and now you’ve spent months planning a gorgeous affair to celebrate your vows. It is days before the wedding, nerves kick in (very normal), and you start thinking…what have I forgotten to do, or what else do I need to prepare. Here are some of my favorite tips:

Tip 1: The Bustle! - Make a Video!

Photography by  The Marshalls

Photography by The Marshalls

Bustling a brides dress for any maid of honor or bridesmaid can be a chore! Some are easy, but others are like finding multiple needles in a haystack. Depending on the dress and where the pieces are, you can color code - but if you have tons of lace, this may not be the case. Regardless, here is one way to make everyone’s life easier. During your last dress fitting ask the tailor to show your guests how to bustle the dress, have them do it with the tailor, and while they do this, have someone else take a video on their phone. This is your version of “YouTube How to Bustle Your Wedding Dress.” Take it one step farther and send it to your wedding planner. They will study it in the case that they need to jump in and help. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Tip 2: Your Vows - Practice them at the Rehearsal

Let’s face it, your wedding day is filled with emotions. It should be! The ceremony for a lot of people is where the emotions start to show. Why? If you choose not to do a first look, then this is when you are seeing your partner for the first time in your fancy attire, you are also in the spotlight and, you’re asked to speak your vows in front of everyone. Honestly it is all quite beautiful, but for some, it can be a struggle to get those words out as all your emotions are flowing. One way to try to get in front of this is to actually practice saying your vows at the rehearsal the night before. This not only helps you get through the ceremony the following day, but it also allows your body to release any anxiety that has built up.

Photography by  The Marshalls

Photography by The Marshalls

Tip 3: Hydrate and Sleep!

This may seem obvious, but it is also super important. Our bodies need water and sleep! The night before the big day try to get some sleep. When you wake up, get a large glass of water into you before anything else. You are going to be doing a lot of talking from the moment festivities start until you get to your grand exit and into your exit car. If you are not drinking water your body will start reminding you.

Tip 4: Remember to take a moment and enjoy your day!

Again, this may seem like an obvious one, but truly the day goes by so fast! Take a moment after your ceremony to get a sneak peak of the reception, or even a few minutes before the Big Entrance to just breathe. Sunset portraits is also another way to just take it all in. Once you are outside just stop and take a moment to breathe it all in. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Photography by  D Selbak Photography

Photography by D Selbak Photography

There are tons of other tips I have learned that help on the day-of, but these are the main ones I would like to pass along. Remember this is just the start of an amazing life you are about to build. Try to enjoy every moment of it!