Wedding Room Blocks - Portland, Oregon - Tip of the Month


You may not know, but confirming a hotel room block should be the second thing done after securing your venue. According to Bee Talmadge at the Hilton, “You’ll secure a better rate the further out you book. If your wedding’ is big or has lots of out of town guests, consider two blocks at different level hotels so there’s something available for different budgets. Be aware, you’re going to want to span the block to cover arrival 1-2 days prior to the wedding and up to one night post wedding.” When you begin the process of getting a block of rooms, be sure to have an estimate of how many you will need. The more rooms are you able to confirm, the more benefits received. These may include complimentary wifi or room night, free upgrade for your wedding suite, or a welcome amenity. Once the contact is signed, the Hotel will provide you with a code to use. This information should be shared with guests in your Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and Wedding Website.

Photo credit: Wayfarer Photo Studio - First Look at Hotel Vintage Downtown Portland