Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

If you are anything like me you love giving gifts, but the process of figuring out what to get can be daunting. Bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts are no different. Some try to make it fun, others personal. Regardless of the effort, we have all received a gift that we either loved or have quietly placed in that draw of “stuff”. Knowing the struggle is very real, I made it my mission to pole a large group of people who have been on the recipient side to find what their favorite and least favorite gifts were. Here is what I found out..


Groomsmen Favorites:

Personalized pocket knife

Omaha steaks or any food/alcohol of good quality

Custom items that fit their personality eg. Nike shoes

Groomsmen Least Favorite:

Anything that has the wedding date or couples names on it

Bridesmaid Favorites:

Earrings to wear on the day of the wedding

Personalized makeup bags

Designer Flip Flops

Designer Bag

Bridesmaid Least Favorite:

Short, ill fitted robes

Anything that says “Bride Tribe” as it cannot be used again