Tipping Your Vendors

There are many details to think about when planning your wedding, or any event for that matter.  The biggest topic, and sometimes the elephant in the room, typically becomes about budget.   One important piece of the budget that tends to get overlooked until the very end are tips for your vendors.  I would love to discuss what is recommended so that you can factor it in from the start. 

Boutonniere by Bella Bloom Floral Photo by Deyla Huss Photography

Boutonniere by Bella Bloom Floral Photo by Deyla Huss Photography

In the past I have had some clients ask, “Are giving tips necessary and who do we tip?” My answer to the first question is always yes, and here is why.    All of us - rentals, florists, hair, makeup, planner, photographer, videographer, venue manager, etc.  do everything in our power, within reason, to ensure every detail is touched and worked out.  During the planning phase this may mean taking an extra meeting to make sure timelines or details are covered, walking the site at different times of the day to see the best placement for photos or decor, having an additional trial to achieve the perfect up do or makeup style…the list goes on. On the day of your wedding this may vary. In the case that you didn’t hire a planner (refer to my earlier post on Wedding Planners), your photographer is probably handling a lot of those responsibilities, even though it really is not their job.  Your planner, if you hired one, is running the show while trouble shooting any and everything that is coming up. They are communicating with your vendor team allowing everything to run smoothly among all the other items they handle.  The florist that has worked countless hours to create the vision you have discussed, comes onsite to place every single arrangement, secures the boutonniere if needed, and comes back to break everything down.  In some cases they are also assisting you in preserving your wedding flowers.  My point is, if you are hiring true professionals you know things are going to be done extremely well.  Just like you would give 18-20% to a restaurant server who has gone the extra mile to make sure your glass is always full, you would want to show your appreciation to your vendor team by leaving a nice review and giving them a tip. 

Photo taken by Deyla Huss Photography

Photo taken by Deyla Huss Photography

Now that you have heard my overall thoughts, lets dive into the nitty gritty on what each vendor should receive.





Wedding Planner





Hair and Makeup



Site Staff


Any other deliveries


15% of Total Cost **NOTE: Check your invoice as it may be included

15-20% of Total Cost***                       

10-15% of Total Cost





Donate $50-100 to church or organization

15-20% of Total Cost

10-15% of Total Cost

$25-50 per musician

Coat Check $1-2 per guest; Bathroom Attendant .50-$2 per guest; Car Attendant $1-2 per car

Thank you note with photo of you dress for their portfolio


***Additional Notes on Caterer:

Check your proposal first to see if they add gratuity. If it is not added you can either do 15-20% as stated above OR you can follow these other guidelines:

$100-200 for catering/banquet captain;

$50 per chef;

$10-20 for each waiter divided into separate envelope

Information gathered from multiple different sources including Brides.com, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Bridal Guide.